There are some things that cannot be done before the day of the departure to your destination. Check below what you must do on the day of the journey.

1. Check the weather

Check the latest weather forecasts before you leave. This way you will know what you will meet on the way to the airport and what to expect when you arrive your destination. This is the last chance to adjust your luggage:  Squize an umbrella in the suitcase, take an extra hoodie in your hand luggage or a… straw hat!

2. Check your flight

Check if any delay has been announced and wait in the comfort of your house, not in the waiting areas of the airport. If the delay causes any problems to your journey you have time and everything you need to reorganize from your home.

3. Charge your devices

No, do not take the half-charged camera with you because you will charge it when you arrive. When you arrive at your destination you will want to take it with you and go out to walk around, not stay in you room and wait for it to charge. The same goes for cellphones, tablets, even the shaving machine must be ready to use.


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4. Unplug your home appliances

There is no reason at all to leave the appliances plugged, since you will not be there to use them. Unplug TVs, computers, telephones even the lamp shades. Like this you will pay for less electricity as well as you ensure no accidents will happen during your absence.

5. Make sure you have the necessary paperwork in order 

What you must do now is to make sure you have all the papers you need with you. If your passport is expired, if you need a visa or if any other document is needed you should have taken care of it long time before! Passport, ID, tickets, have them all in your hand luggage and not in your suitcase.

6. Check your email

Any changes on your flight will be known to you with an email. This also applies for the hotel, car and any other reservation you may have made. It is better to confirm or change anything you want from the comfort and internet connection of your house than to try to log in the WiFi of the airport… and try…and try…

7. Check the airport’s waiting time

It may never be totally accurate, but it can give you an idea of the time you must be there and when to leave your house.

8. Check the traffic

Works, accidents, traffic and much more can happen and delay you…  You may not lose the flight but you will definitely get stressed and why should you? Check the traffic in time and make the right decisions to ensure your smooth transportation.

9. Prepare a small snack

Especially if you have a long journey in front of you, prepare your favorite sandwich for a healthier and more economic choice. Remember everything is overpriced in airports.

10. Make sure you took your medication with you

Even if you are not under any medication at the moment, take some painkillers of your choice – just in case.

11. Take pictures!

For security reasons and because your journey starts from there, take pictures of your luggage, tickets and your documents. Like this you will have photos if anything happens to your stuff and the photos will remind you the joy when you started this journey!



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