It is absolutely certain that Corfu will not facilitate your choices, especially as to which beaches you should visit during your vacation… The reason? They are so plenty and so beautiful, you really will not be disappointed no matter where you end up: in the north or the south, on the west coast of the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic or the east, overlooking the shores of Epirus and Albania.

The choice between the beaches are infinite and cater to all tastes. Sandy and pebble beaches. Beaches crowded, offering entertainment and beaches completely isolated. Beaches in front of large tourist resorts with all the amenities and beaches accessible only by sea. See the list drawn up by with 12 of the best beaches on Corfu.

1. Ai Gordis


The Ai Gordis beach is the most popular with locals and tourists because of its amazing natural surroundings. It lies nestled in the roots of a lush mountain and surrounded by olive trees all the way to the homonymous village and the sea. The beach is also famous for the rock on its southern edge in the sea, the Ortholithi or Megalo Tholeto.

It has been awarded the Blue Flag and has crystal clear shallow waters and a long and wide golden shore. Above the beach you will find many restaurants, beach bars, and rooms for rent with a sea view. The beach offers  umbrellas and sunbeds, lifeguard, and the amenities for water sports, diving and boat rentals.

2. Glyfada


Glyfada beach is one of the most beautiful beach of Corfu, very popular mainly with the youth because of the many beach bars right on the sand. It is a very wide beach, covered with very fine golden sand, while tall hills, overgrown with olive trees and pine trees surround the bay, at the foot of Pelekas, just 16 km from the city center.

The beach is fully organized with umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, showers, bathrooms and changing rooms. You can rent boats, canoes and sea bikes, and there is also a beach volley court.

3. Agios Georgios Pagon


A wide, sandy beach, surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees, the beach of Agios Georgios Pagon is considered by many as the most beautiful of the whole island. It has been awarded the Blue Flag for its clean waters and quality of services provided. The beach is distinguished for its vast sandy beach and the cool sea.

On the right side of the beach, the northern, the sea deepens abruptly while on the left side the sea is very shallow, so it is preferred by families with small children. The beach is fully organized and you can do various water sports, rent a boat to the beautiful beach Porto Timoni or the nearby uninhabited islands or even take up diving courses.

4. Ipsos


Ipsos beach is characteristically long and lies just below the main road in front of the tourist village of Ipsos, to the north of the town of Corfu. It is fully organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. It also offers a wide range of water sports, as well as a diving center for the lovers of the seabed explorations.

From Ipsos you can also admire a spectacular view of the mountain of Pantokrator and its verdant slopes.

5. Agiou Georgiou Argiradon


The beach Agios Georgios Argyradon is long and sandy and is located in front of the homonymous tourist resort in southwestern Corfu. It is characterized by its shallow waters, which makes it popular with families with young children that can play safely in the sea. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag and offres sun loungers and umbrellas.

In the surrounding area you will find restaurants, cafes, as well as hotels. From the beach of Agios Georgios Argyradon boats depart for daily excursions to the Lagoudi islets situated across the sea, as well as for organized day trips to Paxoi.

6. Issos


Issos is one of the most impressive beaches in the whole of Corfu, a vast unspoilt stretch of golden sand and huge dunes, elements that lend to its characterization as “the Sahara of Corfu”. Issos is also primely located right in front of the Lake Korission, which is the most important wetland on the island.

From the northern part of the beach begins the famous cedar forest, a narrow strip of land between the lake and the sea, which leads to the nearby beach of Halikounas. On Issos beach, with the shallow waters, you will find umbrellas and sun loungers in front of the only beach bar of the beach.

7. Roda Beach


Roda beach is situated in front of the homonymous tourist resort in northern Corfu. It is a long sandy beach, awarded with the Blue Flag for its clean shallow waters, making it ideal for families with children.

Along the beach you will find several umbrellas and deck chairs available for rent, while at its edge there is a little port where you can enjoy the sight of local fishermen with the fresh catch of the day.

8. Drastis


Drastis of Corfu, is not a beach exactly, but rather a small fjord near the coast, in the northwestern part of the island. It is hidden in a beautiful wooded landscape and to get there you will have to drive – only if you have a jeep – along a rugged dirt road for 1.5 kilometers or else walk the same route.

Several small islands-rocks with a smooth surface and scattered in the sea, allow you to sit and swim in the crystal clear waters. One of the best things about Drastis is the beautiful scenery of natural formations and the fact that the area has been protected from human intervention and remains pristine due to its inaccessibility.

9. Faliraki Beach


Faliraki beach (also known as “Bania t’ Alekou”, named after the grill house which used to operate there) is located beneath the Old Town of Corfu, a beautiful location with a fantastic view of the Paleo Frourio (Old Fortress).

Small and sandy, it has a large dock ideal for sunbathing and diving. It is mostly preferred by locals who want to go for a quick swim close to home. Next to the beach a very handsome paved area has been created, with cafes, bars and taverns where you can eat or drink until late at night, with the verdant island of Vido in the background.

10. Beach Sidari


The wide and sandy beach of Sidari lies along the main road below the homonymous tourist resort on the northern coast of Corfu. It is located between the harbor and the famous Kanali tis Agapis (Canal d’ Amour), one of the most famous sites of the island. It has shallow waters, ideal for families with children, while into its middle flows the river Tiflos, which starts its journey from the mountainous northwestern Corfu.

Sidari Beach is fully organized with umbrellas and sun beds for its most part. Within walking distance you will find a wide variety of bars, restaurants, cafes and tourist shops.

11. Halikounas Beach


Halikounas beach is a vast sandy beach with a length of 3 km on the southwestern coast of Corfu. It is one of the most spectacular beaches on the island as this long beach stretches along the Korission Lake, separating the lake from the sea. The natural landscape is unique, unadulterated by tourism and a small wooden bridge allows the passage to the other side, to the point where the lake flows into the sea.

Halikounas beach is a paradise for surfers and those who enjoy kite surfing, due to the winds that often blow in the area and has two beach bars, in front of which you will find umbrellas and sun beds.

12. Paleokastritsa Beach


Paleokastritsa beach is the central and largest beach of Paleokastritsa, the famous tourist resort with the incredible natural beauty. It is located below the road leading to the monastery Paleokastritsa, to the left.

It has sand and pebbles and the water is blue, clean and calm. The entire bay is surrounded by dense vegetation, creating beautiful colors that are mirrored in the water. It is fully organized and offers sun beds and umbrellas, showers and there are amenities for many water sports.