When you hear Kefalonia what’s the first word that comes to your head? If you answer “beach” you won’t be exaggerating at all. The verdant Ionian island has everything, but especially its beaches cater to every taste and requirement.

Crowded or secluded, located next to towns and villages or remote, renowned worldwide or more “humble”, as well as many unknown beaches, that are waiting to be discovered.

1. Myrtos


The jewel in the crown of Kefalonia! Myrtos is known worldwide  and will not dissapoint its visitors, no matter how high their expectations are – some come to Kefalonia just to visit the famous beach… The landscape is unique with  lush vegetation, wild rocks and cliffs that surround a white, huge beach covered with very fine, white pebbles. The water is crystal clear, blue-green in the shallows, clear and transparent, in one word – unique!

On Myrtos you will find a limited number of sun beds and umbrellas, while there are no trees on the beach for shade, so it’s good to come prepared. The sunset as seen from Myrtos is unforgettable: as the beach faces west, you can enjoy an unobscured view of the red sun sinking into the blue sea… If you come early in the morning, the tranquility of the landscape will amaze you.

Myrtos is 30 km from Argostoli. The road goes through the mountains and villages, while closer to the beach are Divarata. As you approach the beach, suddenly, the landscape opens up and you can see the beach from above: a unique landscape, and there is no way you will not stop to take a picture.

2. Antisamos


Antisamos is the bay to the east of the port of Sami. It is a pebbly beach, long and wide, with a sea that appears to be green, as it reflects the landscape around the bay: green hills and mountains covered with oaks and cypresses.

Across the bay, the blue sea meets the verdant southern part of Ithaca – the two islands are so close, you may find it difficult to tell them apart! Antisamos became the backdrop for some of the most important and impressive scenes of the Hollywood production “The Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” shot in Kefalonia in summer 2000 and screened in cinemas around the world the next year.

The whole area of ​​Sami had then become one vast scene to transport the actors to Kefalonia 1943, where the film unfolds. Antisamos was the backdrop for the camp of Captain Corelli, and the scene of the explosion created one of the most spectacular effects.

3. Makris Gialos


The most popular beach on Kefalonia. It is located just 3 km from Argostoli and together with Platis Gialos right next to it, they are the most preferred destinations of the locals to swim, play with the waves, sunbathe, and … have fun at the famous beachbars! Makris Gialos is huge in length while Platis in width.

Although there is no way to find the beach empty of people – even winter swimmers come to Makris Gialos – the sea is always crystal clear. Blue, transparent – something rare for a beach with a sandy bottom – and shallow waters, ideal for children… as well as older “kids”! Surrounded by tall pine trees, which hide it from the road, even though it is very large in size.

4. Platis Gialos


It is the natural extension of Makris Gialos, separated by a cluster of rocks. Platis Gialos is sandy, with fine golden sand, not very large in length, but very large in width – justifying its name (“wide sea”) and distinguishing it from its “brother”, Makris Gialos.

The water is shallow, always cool and clear, even though the seabed is sandy, with a blue-green hue. Green pines surround the beach, composing an amazing landscape.

Umbrellas and sun beds can be found throughout the shore. Platis gialos is preferred by families making it more peaceful, as the youth usually prefer Makris Gialos.

5. Petani


Turquoise waters, fine pebbles, lush nature! Petani is definitely one of the best beaches of Kefalonia, as many even compare it with Mirtos.

Its name comes from the Homeric word “epietanoi”, which means an area with plenty of water throughout the year. It is located near Lixouri, on the western side of the peninsula of Paliki. Two cliffs on either side stand like walls bordering the beach. The cape to the right is called “Anna’s,” who according to the legend drowned here trying to save her child from the raging sea…

The beach is organized, with taverns and cafes, and if you can, do not leave Petani without watching the sunset!

6. Xi


One of the most unique beaches of Greece, Xi is located in Paliki, south of Lixouri. Named after the letter “Ξ” of the Greek alphabet, since the bay has the same shape. It is only 8 km (by a paved road) from the city and is busy and quite cosmopolitan as the beachbars are usually crowded.

The bright red sand and clay cliffs, make Xi a unique exotic place. It is the prime beach of Kefalonia where you can enjoy a natural and free spa treatment, since the gray clay helps in cleansing and tightening the skin.

The waters here are shallow and the beach is sheltered from the winds, making it ideal for young children who can enjoy swimming. Sunset on Xi is unforgettable, as the shades of the sand and red cliffs make for an eerie landscape.

7. Skala


One of the longest beaches of Kefalonia, Skala stretches for more than five kilometers, in front of the homonymous village, in the southeastern part of the island. Skala is covered with thick, golden sand, and tall, green pine trees along the back of the beach! The water is clear and blue, and as the beach is open to the sea, it is ideal for swimming.

The homonymous village is one of the most popular tourist resorts with large hotels and many restaurants and cafes. Thus, Skala beach is busy, as it is the first choice of the guests staying there, although its length never lets it feel crowded.

8. Ai Helis


If you love water sports, then you should definitely not miss beach Ai Helis. It is an organized beach in southern Kefalonia, near the village of Svoronata in Leivathos. It is sandy, large in size and offers a lot of umbrellas and sun beds.

The sand has the characteristic grayish color while the water is shallow, crystal clear and turquoise. Ai Helis is also suitable for small children as the shallow waters are usually calm, while the short distance from Svoronata, and Argostoli (about 10 km) make it an ideal destination.

On the beach you will also find a beach bar that offers coffee and snacks, drinks until late at night, while beach parties are often organized in the summer. Access to Ai Helis is easy, as the paved road will take you all the way to the designated parking area behind the beach.

9. Emplisi


Emplisi is the most popular beach of Erisos. The beach is in fact a closed bay, with white pebbles and turquoise waters, verdant trees that reach the sea, all in all a magical landscape… Although the beach is pebbly, the seabed is sandy and the sea is aquamarine, reflecting the surrounding nature.

Rocks with an almost flat surface, like stone slabs, are located at the sides of the beach and are ideal for you to spread out your towel and your things and enjoy sunbathing. Above the beach is a canteen offering the necessary refreshments, while near Emplisi there are also taverns and restaurants offering the traditional Kefalonian cuisine – do not miss on a Kefalonian meat pie after diving!

Otherwise, the beach is not organized, so there are no umbrellas or sunbeds so you should bring with you whatever you might need. Village Germenata is one kilometer away, and Fiskardo one and a half.

10. Foki


A short walking distance from Fiskardo on Kefalonia, Foki beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Erisos. The overgrown with cypresses and olive trees small bay offers protection from winds and waves, and combined with the fairly shallow sea it is ideal for families with young children.

The ideal place for diving and sunbathing is the right part of the bay, where a path leads to successive flat rocks. The beach got its name from the Monachus-Monachus seals (“fokia” in greek means “seal”) who often choose the turquoise waters of the bay for a short “visit”.

11. Lepeda


Lepeda beach is just two kilometers from Lixouri and is one of the most popular beaches of Paliki. It is sandy, with the characteristic red sand that you will also encounter on beach Xi. The water is shallow and crystal clear, ideal for young children.

A big rock that reaches into the sea is the hallmark of the beach, while the beach also offers umbrellas and sunbeds, though in relatively small numbers. In recent years on Lepeda beach volley tournaments are organized for the young people of the region, as well as large beach parties with great Kefalonian D-Js.

12. Agios Thomas


Agios Thomas is the beach of the beautiful village Karavados in Livathos, in southern Kefalonia. You can get here by car, as well as on foot from the village. It was named after the chapel, located at the top of the hill, which you can also visit.

Just before you reach the beach, towering trees and a drinking fountain with running water will cool you down in the small square of the village. Agios Thomas is basically two neighboring beaches: the first, the smaller one, is located just below the tavern, where the road ends.

The second beach of Agios Thomas is after the rocks on the edge of the first beach, and can be easily reached on foot. The geological formations that adorn the beach of Agios Thomas – the large pits with sea water, that during summer work as a “jacuzzi” – and the rock Geronitsia that dominates the landscape compose an impressive scenery.

13. Lourdas

Lourdas is the beach of the village Lourdata, in southern Kefalonia. It is a lengthy beach, has blue, crystal clear water and fine sand, for the most part, although for those who prefer otherwise, there are also parts with small white pebbles.

Fully organized, with umbrellas and sunbeds, and as it is located right on the promenade of the village, with cafes and restaurants, it is certain that you will have everything you need while enjoying the sun and the sea. Very often beach parties are organized by the youth of the region, which last all night long.