An island town, Ermoupoli, the likes of which do not exist anywhere else on Greece… A medieval castle that houses the most “universal” city of the country, Ano Syros… Mansions and villas that transfer their guests to another era… This is more or less the image we have of Syros, the Lady of the Cyclades, which is more famous for its monuments, rather than its shores.

Yet the beaches of Syros are unique, with crystal clear waters, fully organized or secluded, with facilities for water sports on the western coast, creating exceptionally beautiful landscapes…

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1. Azolimnos


Blue water and golden sand. It offers free umbrellas and sun loungers, while you will also find natural shade and coolness under the trees that grow along the beach.

The three quays, two on the beach and the third to the side, are ideal for diving, while on the street just behind the beach you will find cafes and restaurants.

Tip: Ermoupoli is just five kilometers away, and it is easily accessible by public bus.

2. Vari


One of the most popular beaches of Syros, it is located in the southern part of the island and just a kilometer from the homonymous settlement with the 1,200 residents. The small enclosed bay and shallow waters are ideal for young children and because of the topography, the beach is ideal for hiking.

It is fully organized and offers facilities for many kinds of water sports. Vari beach can be reached either by bus or by car.

Tip: Very close and easily accessible are the neighboring smaller beaches Fabrica, Achladi and Katergaki.

3. Megas Gialos


As the name suggests (Large sea), it is one of the largest beaches of Syros. It is located in the southern part of Syros, in front of the homonymous settlement. Megas Gialos is actually two separate beaches and a number of scattered coves.

The beach offers umbrellas but you will also find shade beneath the tamarisks that grow almost on the edge of the sea. Walk to the chapel of Agios Antonios, behind which begins the  path that leads to the bay Abela, a small and quiet beach.

Tip: An ideal choice, especially during the meltemia (strong, dry north wind), since because of its location, Megas Gialos is physically protected from the wind.

4. Galissa


Golden sand, blue seas and tamarisks that offer protection from the sun. It is fully organized and is ideal for those wishing to engage in water sports. You will find food and accommodation in the homonymous settlement, just above the beach.

Access to the beach is easy with the frequent bus routes. At the top of the hill above the beach of Galissas stands the white catholic chapel of Agia Pakous (paraphrasing “ipakoi”, which means “obedience”) that has been built on the ruins of an ancient temple. It is worth climbing the – many – steps, since the view and especially the sunset will compensate you for your effort!

Tip: The beach of Galissas has campsites and a small port in the south for those who own or rent a boat.

5. Kini


The beach of Kini is located on the west coast of the island. It is fully organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, and just a short distance from the taverns and accommodation offered in the homonymous settlement.

In the center of the beach there is a fountain that attracts all the attention as it depicts a mermaid holding in her hands and saving a sailor. From Kini depart the boats that are bound for the northern beaches of Syros, for which there is no road access (Grammata, Aetos etc).

Tip: Because of its position the beach of Kini offers the best sunset view in Syros.

6. Finikas


With its endless sandy shore in a well-protected from the north winds bay, Finikas beach is one of the most popular beaches of the island. There you will find umbrellas and tamarisks – growing almost on the edge of the sea – that will protect you from the sun, while the more “mischievous” swimmers can enjoy water games on the great concrete platform.

Finikas Beach is ideal for fishing, and if you just want to eat fish without necessarily fishing them yourself, then visit the fish restaurants that are situated literally on the beach.

Tip: It is the second natural port of Syros after the Port of Ermoupoli and has an organized marina with all the facilities to accommodate yachts and boats of all kinds.

7. Agathopes


Agathopes is one of the busiest beaches of Syros in the southwestern part of the island, near Posidonia and Finikas. It is fully organized, with golden sand and shallow waters. The beach is famous for the narrow strip of land that goes into the sea and for the lilies that bloom along the shore in the summer.

Opposite Agathopes lie the islet Stroggilo and the uninhabited island Shinonisi, while on the edge of the bay is the cape Viglostasi with the lighthouse.

Tip: If you find yourself in Agathopes during spring and you’re lucky, you might come across Monachus-Monachus seals that select the inviting sandy beach to lay their eggs.

8. Achladi


Achladi lies in the southern part of Syros. The beautiful beach is located in front of the homonymous settlement, which – according to the locals – got its name (“pear”) from the shape formed by their houses!

The enclosed bay with the clean, calm and safe waters is ideal for families with young children as it also has umbrellas for protection from the summer sun. The restaurants along the sea will appease your appetite and will offer local delicacies which you can enjoy while overlooking the sea.

Tip: Ideal for underwater fishing and diving.

9. Lia


Lia is located in the bay Aetos in Syros, just opposite the rock of the beach Grammata and a little to the south of the beach of Gria Spilia (or Americanou, as it is called by the locals).

In order to reach it you have two options: either by boat from Kini village or from Campos in Apano Meria of Syros from where you can follow the relatively easy trail (signposted) and reach the beach in fifty minutes.

Tip: Natural shade from tamarisks and an impressive – for a Cycladic island – green landscape in spring.

10. Komito


Kometo beach is located at the most southwestern point of Syros, next to Agathopes. Tamarisks and the few umbrellas offer their shade while there is also a beach bar.

Opposite Kometo, just to the north lies the island Shinonisi, while from the beach you can also see the uninhabited islet Stroggili, which looks like a shark fin, while this is the second isle of the same name in Syros – the other one is opposite the port of Syros.

Tip: To get to Kometo you should follow the signs from Posidonia, while there is another path that connects it with Agathopes.

11. Delphini


A mainly pebble beach with a sandy passage on its right side, for those who dislike rocky beaches. With umbrellas and sunbeds, facilities for water sports and along the beach – taverns where you can try fish or other regional delicacies of the traditional cuisine.

To get to Delphini you should follow the road to Kini and then you have two options: either to turn right before the village or to get to the beach in Kini and then follow the coastal road – you can also reach Delfini after walking for about 20 minutes along the coastal road. Drivers should be warned that the last 900 meters to the beach are on a dirt road.

Tip: Due to its location Delphini beach is sheltered from the northerly winds that prevail during the summer in the Cyclades.

12. Fabrica


Fabrica (“factory”)was named after the old factory that operated in the area, and is one of the options that the visitor has on the southern coast of Syros. The old pottery factory operated there since the industrial pick on Syros and gave its name to the entire region.

On Fabrica you will find few umbrellas as the beach is considered one of the most quiet and secluded beaches of Syros, with golden sand and a few pebbles. If you are a strong swimmer, you can try to reach the small island Ambelos (or Fabrica for the locals) situated directly opposite from the beach.

Tip: To the right of Fabrica, where you will also find a small port with boats, the fans of underwater fishing will find a good fishing spot.

13. Kokkina


If you’re in Finikas, Syros, and want to avoid the busy main beach, then a little to the north, at a distance of about 1.5 km you will find the secluded beach Kokkina, also known by the name Sousouni. It is an unorganized, narrow beach with sand and pebbles.

Take with you the necessary equipment, but you don’t have to worry about shade as there are plenty of tamarisks growing almost on the edge of the sea. In order to access the beach you will have to follow a fairly easy dirt road. Opposite from the beach you can see Psathonisi, one of the uninhabited islands of Syros.

Tip: Due to its location, Kokkina is protected from the winds of August.

14. Lotos


Lotos beach is a quiet beach in the western part of Syros with blue seas and tamarisks. You can get water, coffee, orange juice or grab a snack at the small tavern on the beach, but for anyone looking for more choices you can visit Kini village, located at a short distance.

Access to Lotos is either by car along the road from Ermoupoli to Kini – which is to the west of the island’s capital. Just behind the beach there is a large parking area for the visitors.

Tip: Lotos is the best and safest option when Syros is hit by southerly winds as the bay is protected and the water is clean.

15. Santorini


The calm beach Santorini is located between Vari and Azolimnos, to the south of Ermoupoli. Its golden sand and blue seas are open to all, as the beach has no infrastructure and is not organized with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Tip: You can reach Santorini even by bike from Ermoupoli, as the distance is only about 6-7 km.

15+1. Asteria


Asteria is one of the three beaches that are located within the boundaries of Ermoupli (the other two are Taliro and Kimata). The beach is located at the northern end of the city’s coastline, the bay to the left from the port of Syros, at the beautiful district Vaporia.

There you will find an ideal platform for diving, which you can reach by climbing the ladder in the water. There is a bar there where you can quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger – at least for a little while!

Tip: From Asteria beach you can admire all the neoclassical mansions of the region and the magnificent church of Agios Nicholas.

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