Besides the archaeological museum of the city, the naval one and the several folklore museums that operate in some villages of Chania, the visitors have the opportunity to visit special museums with unique concepts.

1. Modern Art Museum Elaiourgeion


The originality is not that there is a Modern Art Museum in Chania but the fact that is housed in an old olive mill. It is located in Dromonero of Chania and it operates in the old olive mill of the Agricultural Cooperative Zimpragou which closed in 1980.

At the Museum of Modern Art, you will see paintings, sculptures, engravings, pottery, photography, video art, constructions, cinema installations, movies films as well as videos. The collection was created by the courtesy of works by artists, donors, collectors, municipalities and subscriptions of the members of the Friends of the Elaiourgeion Club.

2. School Life Museum


This is a truly original museum, the School Life Museum, which is housed in the building of the old Primary School in the village of Nerokouros in Chania.

There, the visitor can see a series of exhibits of books, notebooks, rulers, desks, chairs, numerals, paintings, handbags and other items of earlier times. The atmosphere of the classroom of the past is faithfully conveyed, while organized events are often organized in its halls.

3. Olive Museum Vouves


Truth is that an olive museum could not miss from Chania, a region with rich olive groves and ancient olive trees. The  Olive Museum Vouvon is housed in a traditional building in Ano Vouves where artifacts are showing the close relationship of the local people with the olive tree.

A typical example of the exhibits is the wooden plow, to which Hesiod refers, which was used by farmers from prehistoric times until the 1950s. The museum is located next to the monumental olive tree of Vouves which is the oldest olive tree of the world with estimations about its age ranging from 3000 to 5000 years old.

4. Chania Chemistry Museum


At the Chania Chemistry Museum, visitors have the opportunity to see a faithful representation of the First Public Chemistry of Greece.

It is housed on the second floor of the General Chemistry of Chania, and visits are made on working days and hours.

5. Typography Museum


One of the most historic newspapers of Greece, the ‘Chania News’, has established a Typography Museum, dedicated to the history of the newspaper and the art of typography. It is located just outside the city of Chania, in the Souda Industrial Park.

Its collection includes ornate printing presses, machines, tools and other objects that show the evolution of typography since Gutenberg to the present day.

5+1. Minoan Ship


What better way to learn everything about the Cretan art of ship-making than to visit a faithful copy of Minoan Ship? Such a vessel, 17 meters long, a copy of a ship of the 15th century BC is housed alongside the Greek Traditional Shipbuilding Exhibition and the Ancient Shipbuilding Exhibition of the Naval Museum of Crete in Neorion “Moro”, located in the old Venetian harbor of Chania.

The construction of the Minoan Ship lasted for 4 years and was done entirely using traditional tools and materials: cypresses were used for the skeleton, while for the sealing the shipbuilders used layers of cloth impregnated with a mixture of rosin and beef fat.


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