Tickets, accommodation and food, entertainment … The cost of holiday for a family of four can easily go over budget if you do not follow some simple but basic rules before organizing your family trip.

Βρείτε οικονομικά πακέτα διακοπών στο!

1. Be organized and plan ahead

Schools stop for summer and until September it is the high season, when prices are at their maximum. There is only one way to overcome this: Plan ahead for your vacations. When we say ahead we do not mean a month earlier but at least three months, when all touristic places are still empty, with few bookings and hotels can offer you a discounted price.


2. Choose your destination carefully

It is ideal for you, your children and your bank account to choose destinations with a wide array of accommodation and services. This way it is very possible that you will find something that will fit your budget in a beautiful destination. Also brainstorm with your wife about places, you may come up with a new destination that is ideal for family vacations!


3. Do not exclude foreign destinations

Airlines often make special offers for children, and if you choose a destination that is not considered so ideal for summer, you will certainly find cheaper tickets. In addition, you will offer your children the experience of another country, who will undoubtedly tell their classmates all winter.


4. Look for children offers

Many forms of accomodation are happy to host families with children and that is why they often do “special offers”. For example, they charge half for children, or have a renovated playground, or they offer free meals … Search carefully and you will definitely win!


5. Look for accommodation with «baby sitting»

Vacation with children does not have to mean that the couple cannot enjoy a drink late at night. A lot of hotels offer this service so look for it!


6. Rent an apartment

An apartment does not offer the services of a hotel but with a kitchen you can save a lot of  money that you would otherwise spend on food. You can also prepare snacks that you will take with you to the beach. You will not have to worry how much does this or the other cost and if it is healthy for your children. Win-win!


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