Even if the flight doesn’t last longer than an hour, traveling by airplane is for many an unpleasant experience.. Fear for the planes is one thing, but one second is that the seats of the economy class are not the most comfortable: A recent survey of TripAdvisor showed that 77% of the travelers find the airplane seats uncomfortable. In addition to this the dry air of the cabin does not help you feel good when you finally arrive at your destination.

However there are 6 small tips that can help you deal with most difficult situations, including an uncomfortable flight in order to reach your destination fresh!


Αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για την Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικά με μοναδικές προσφορές από την Aegean Airlines!

1. A light overcoat

Usually women carry a pashmina however a light overcoat will get the job done better. What is the job? To keep you warm, use it like a blanket or even as a pillow.

2. A travel pillow

It is not by accident that this little accessory is so popular. It is light, small, fits everywhere, offers support to the neck and helps you sleep easier which is important in a long flight.

3. ‘First Class’ Bag

Prepare a small bag with items that will make your flight more pleasant. What can they be?  Ear plugs, drops for contact lenses, vitamin C (which will help you not to feel cold when you take off the plane), even valerian if you need to relax. You can also take a toothbrush, a lipstick or lip gloss, small packages of your favorite moisturize cream for your hands and face. Like this you can freshen up before landing and feel like… new!

4. A laptop stand

Working during your flight might not be the most pleasant but the time is utilized efficiently. The downside is that the uncomfortable plane seats get even more uncomfortable if you have to work on your laptop and when you land you will feel more tired with a back pain. A laptop stand will improve your posture when you work and you will feel better when you land.


Μεγάλη ποικιλία σε laptops από τη Media Markt!

5. A small pillow for your back

A small pillow that you have already checked it is suitable for you will protect you from back pains caused by the uncomfortable plane seats.



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