An island inexhaustible in attractions and magical beaches, so much so that once you get to Kefalonia you will not be able to choose which to visit first!

Maybe seven days of holidays are not enough to get to know Kefalonia, but they are enough to get a taste and to fall in love once and for all!

Hotels, large or smaller, family units, rooms and apartments, as well as villas for rent can be found in every corner of Kefalonia, to serve as a starting point for excursions to the rest of the island. We will guide you around Kefalonia, beginning each trip from the capital of the island, Argostoli, which is located almost in the center and has easy road access to all the sites of the island.


Whichever type of accommodation you choose, the sight of Argostoli bathed in the morning sunlight is unforgettable. As the picturesque town awakens, you can enjoy your breakfast either in the cafes on the central square Vallianos, or on Lithostroto where you can also enjoy your first morning walk.

Points to visit during your walk around Lithostroto are the Catholic Church of Agios Nicholas with the oriental icon of the Virgin, the Orthodox Church of Agios Spyridon with the ornate iconostasis and finally the Kampana Square, with the palm trees and the tall clock.

Your morning walk in the city has been completed and as the first day in Kefalonia is dedicated to the capital, we continue our day on one of the nearby beaches. Makris and Platis Gialos are our main options as they are just 15 minutes from Argostoli. These are two neighboring beaches of Kefalonia that many rank among the top beaches of the island.

They are fully organized, but offer also free space. The blonde sand and the turquoise waters will satisfy even the most demanding visitors, and if you’re lucky, there will be a party at the beach bar and your first day on the island will be accompanied by a summer spree!


Leaving the sea, and on the road to Argostoli, we find the Lassi neighborhood, a suburb where you will find plenty of restaurants and taverns. At this time, with the sun setting, it’s a good idea to take a walk around Fanari, the lighthouse of Argostoli, which faces towards Lixouri. The sea is painted with dozens of shades by the setting sun and you will not feel like leaving… Nearby you will also find Katavothres (sinkholes), one of the geological mysteries of Kefalonia, where the sea penetrates the land and disappears without a trace!

Returning – at some point – to Argostoli, and if you choose to continue your eventful day with a dinner drink, then you can go again to Vallianos Square and Lithostroto where you will hear loud music coming from the bars and watch the youth of the city party all night.

The second day in Kefalonia can only be dedicated to one of the most beautiful Greek landscapes, Myrtos beach. You can reach the beach by car from Argostoli in about 30-40 minutes. It is best to start early in the morning so you will not have a hard time looking for a parking spot or for a place on this vast beach.

Myrtos offers umbrellas and sunbeds, but in very limited numbers, and moreover there is no natural shade available, so you need to have that in mind. There is also a canteen offering water, coffee, soft drinks and a small menu for snacks. A morning spent on Myrtos will enchant you with the peace of creation during those hours, but the sunset will literally leave you speechless – do not leave the beach unless you have enjoyed the amazing sight!


After Myrtos, the seaside village of Assos awaits you for food and relaxation… Colorful houses by the sea, restaurants catering to all tastes, the stunning coastline of Kefalonia with the lacy shores and a view of the Castle of Assos, built by the  Venetian conquerors around the 16th century.

Next destination is Palliki and the picturesque Lixouri. Start in the morning, enjoy the ride and your coffee in the small town, admire the statue of Laskaratos on the beach and browse the beautiful Iakovatios Vivliothiki (library) and the Tipaldou Museum, housed on two floors of the neoclassical building of Typaldon-Iakovaton, a jewel of architecture of the 19th century.

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Afterwards, enjoy the sea on one of the most special beaches of Kefalonia, the beautiful Xi with the ruddy sand. It is just 8 km. from the town of Lixouri and it is fully organized, with beach bars where you will find the youth of the area.

The strange name comes from the also odd shape of the beach, which resembles the letter “Ξ” (Xi) of the Greek alphabet. Other nearby beaches around Lixouri are the also sandy beaches of Lepeda and Megas Lakos.


Leaving the sea, since you are in the area, it is worth taking the time to visit the villages in southern Paliki, as well as Kounopetra (moving rock), located on the southern tip of the peninsula. It is one of the geological phenomena of the island and, as its name explains, it is a rock moving in the sea. Nowadays of course the movement is imperceptible, and only the very observant can discern it, but why not trying for yourselves?

There is no way you will spend your holidays in Kefalonia and not visit Fiskardo, a small port on the northwestern end of the island, which attracts famous people from around the world. It is somewhat far from Argostoli (50 km), but totally worth it, first for the destination and second, for the route, which passes through the beautiful villages of Erisos.

In this region, preserved like no other in Kefalonia, you will have the opportunity to gaze at the old houses built according to the Ionian style – two stories, with narrow windows and doors and small balconies – and enjoy the sea at the unique beaches of the area: Foki and Emplisi near Fiskardo, as well as Dafnoudi, if you like the isolation, the Agia Ierousalim with the old church on the pebbles, the Chorgota where scenes from “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” were shot and Agia Sophia will make the choice complicated, but your swim in the sea … a pleasure!

Stay in Fiskardo until the evening, as the light of the sunset paints the village in beautiful colors, and gives a sense of serenity to the scene that will relax you and rejuvenate you.


Next destination on the fifth day of your holidays in Kefalonia, is the area of ​​Sami. Starting from Argostoli and around the half point of the way we find the detour to the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos on the plateau of Omala.

The visit is a must, as in the monastery you will have the chance to see the relics of the saint patron of Kefalonia, the large plane trees that he planted according to the tradition and the wells of the Saint – one of his miracles.

Robola, the vine that gives the homonymous local wine of Kefalonia, is cultivated around the monastery, while in the nearby village of Faraklata you can visit the winery of the Agricultural Cooperative of Robola and see from up close the production process.


Moving on, we ascend the slope of the great mountain of Kefalonia, Enos, covered with the Greek fir – the dark fir trees with the very special foliage. If you are mountain lovers, take the detour to the National Park and enjoy nature in a specially designed area with wooden benches.

If, on the other hand you’re beach lovers, continue your journey to Sami and Antisamos Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia.

Whereas the final destination of the day is Antisamos, but previously, you just have to visit the Cave of Melissani. It is such a special natural formation, that you will be rendered speechless by the sight: turquoise waters of an underground lake, which is illuminated by the sunlight entering the cave from a large natural opening in the roof… It is situated just two kilometers from Sami, in the seaside village of Karavomylos, where one can also visit the lake with the old watermill.


We get back to Sami and head now towards Antisamo. The beach is large in size with white pebbles that shine in the sunlight, turquoise waters and a lush nature that reaches the sea. The beach is organized and can comfortably accommodate you for the whole day. After the beach, the taverns of Sami are an ideal stop for lunch, completing a very full day.

Time to experience the other side of Kefalonia, with the enormous Skala beach, sandy and lively, situated just in front of the homonymous village with the hotel complexes. Apart from the beach of Skala, if you choose to travel to this part of the island by way of Pyrgi, you will get a very good taste of the mountainous Kefalonia and the villages that are built on the slopes of Mount Ainos. You should also make a stop at the end of the route, at the taverns on Katelios beach, for fresh fish.


Alternatively, follow the road back to the south of the island – even though it is slightly longer, it will give you the opportunity to visit this side of the island, with its beautiful villages and mostly sandy coast, where the loggerhead sea turtle (caretta-caretta) often finds shelter.

The village Karavados with the ornate chapel of Agios Thomas and its beach, Lakithra where Lord Byron lived for some time while he was in Greece, Markopoulo with the miraculous Panagia Fidousa, where every year from the 6 to 15 of August you will see the completely harmless “snakes of Virgin Mary”, but also Kourkoumelata village with its flowering gardens and the exemplary layout, as it was built from scratch after the 1953 earthquakes.


Take our advice and dedicate one of the days of your vacation to visit the sights of the island, apart from the amazing beaches: the Castle of Agios Georgios with the old churches of the Venetian period near Argostoli, the Monastery Milapidias and the abandoned Monastery Sission that are also situated nearby.
Finally, another one of the beaches that you should not miss during your holidays in Kefalonia is Petani in Palliki.