Long strips of sand, imposing landscape with impressive rocks, clean, blue sea and the Aegean.. The beaches of Lemnos keep the interest of the visitors high as those who want can visit a different beach every day!


Lemnos has many organized beaches that offer free umbrellas and sunbeds for the visitors and many other services you may think. Emphasizing comfort and services for the visitor you will find beaches with stylish beach bars, as well as infrastructure for sports with water in the sand and water.

Most of the beaches are accessible by asphalt roads but some are accessible by dirt roads which most vehicles can pass.

1. Kotsinas Beach

The Kotsinas beach in north Lemnos is one of the most popular and easily accessible of this part of island. It is situated on the top of a shallow bay, with shallow waters, ideal for families with young children. It is fully organized and has umbrellas and sun loungers, as well as a beach bar where you can enjoy your drink or coffee. Right next to Kotsinas beach is the picturesque anchorage with fishing boats, where you will find taverns with excellent local dishes and of course the local wine to accompany your food.

2. Keros Beach

Wind surfing, beach volley, camping, shallow waters, dunes, lakes. All these are in Keros, in the east part of the island. It is located between the capes of Kavallaris and Keros, 2 kilometers from the village Kalliopi, while access is by an asphalt road that turns to dirt road in the last 100 meters.

In the 4 kilometer long beach you will find parking for your vehicle, beach bar, umbrellas with sun-loungers,  even a lot of pine trees where you can set your tent or trailer. Due to the strong winds in the area, as well as the safe, shallow waters, Keros beach is ideal for surfing for both amateur and experienced surfers.

3. Thanous Beach


Thanous in Lemnos is amongst the popular beaches of the island, in the northwestern part of Lemnos, near the homonymous settlement. The long, sandy beach attracts a lot of visitors who choose it also for the crystal clear waters. There are umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as rooms to let, taverns and cafeterias very close to the beach.

Beach parties are often organized while the bars of the area are full until the morning hours. There is infrastructure for water sports however the beach volley steals the spot lights as there is also a professional court!

4. Agios Ioannis Beach – Kaspakas


In west Lemnos, the side opposite to Chalkidiki peninsula, is the beach Agios Ioannis – Kaspakas, less than 2 kilometers from the homonymous village.

It is a Blue Flag beach, easily accessible by an asphalt road, as well as one of the best spots of Lemnos in order to enjoy the sunset. NEar the beach you will find cefeterias, taverns and restaurants for all tastes and needs throughout the day.

5. Plati Beach

South of Myrina, in the almost round bay, is the Plati beach, one of the most beautiful and popular of Lemnos. A long, sandy beach with turquoise waters, umbrellas, beach bar and water sports.

The biggest advantage for some, besides the wonderful sea, is the organisation of this beach, as it even provides a playground for children! Naturally, it is preferred by families with young children who can safely enjoy the shallow sea.

6. Evgatis


On the road that connects Thanos to Kontia in south Lemnos, after the popular Thanous beach, there is another beautiful beach of Lemnos, Evgatis. The white sandy beach spreads for two kilometers with the blue sea ready for refreshing dives.

In Evgatis you will find umbrellas with sunbeds, water sports, beach bars and small taverns with good food while there are rooms to let nearby for those who want to stay there.

7. Gomati


Gomati is one of the beaches you must definitely visit during your stay in Lemnos. It is located in the northern shore of the island, 4 kilometers away from the village Katalakko and very close to Ammothines (sand-dunes), an impressive natural phenomenon of the island.

In Gomati you will see a long beach with gold, smooth sand and clear waters that take different colors depending on the time of the day. The bay at Gomati also forms an impressive landscape, with peculiar rocks, but also a small island on the northern edge. In the traditional tavern you can taste the local delicacies, while at the other end of the beach there is a beach bar.

7+2. Megalo and Mikro Fanaraki


The Megalo Fanaraki (Big Fanaraki) of Lemnos is located near Mooudros and is one of the popular beaches of the region. On the back side of the bay is the “sister” beach, Mikro Fanaraki (Small Fanaraki).

In summer, Megalo Fanaraki is always full of people enjoying the waters in this unique landscape. The beach is fully organized, it has umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar, while there are also some trees that can offer you their shade.

Especially in the heart of the summer, the region’s youth gather in Megalo Fanaraki, while the beach is also ideal for families with young children, as the waters are shallow and allow for carefree play with the waves.

Mikro Fanaraki is a closed, sheltered and small bay that gathers crowds of holidaymakers, especially young people who prefer it for their dives. Clear and crystal clear waters, rich in sand, wide but short in length, in Mikro Fanaraki you will find all kind of organization with umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar.