The truth is that the “Lady of Cyclades” is best known for its attractions, impressive buildings and Orthodox and Catholic churches … Yet the Syrian beaches are not inferior in any way from the ones of other Greek islands and await visitors on the whole coastline of the island, for endless and unforgettable dives.

We gathered the eight most popular beaches of Syros, all easily accessible with all the infrastructure to help the guests to relax and bath in the sun and the sea, in a typical beautiful Aegean landscape. Some are close to the capital Ermoupoli while others are on the other side of the island, all will satisfy even the most demanding visitors!

1. Asteria Beach

Παραλίες Σύρου

Asteria is a beach of Ermoupoli, the capital of Syros. It is located at the left side of the port of Syros, in the old and beautiful  aristocratic quarter of the city, Vaporia.

You will swim with a view of neoclassical mansions of the region and the magnificent church of St. Nicholas Plousion. Asteria is one of the three options (the other two are Taliro and Kymmata) for visitors of Syros who do not want to move away from Ermoupolis to swim.

2. Kini Beach

Παραλίες Σύρου

On the west coast of Syros, on the opposite side of Ermoupoli,  is the beach of Kini, one of the most popular resorts of the island. From this beach you can enjoy the spectacular sunset and you can also take the boats to the beaches of the north side of the island which are not accessible from the land.

Kini beach is located between the beach of Lotos to the south and the beach of Delfini to the north. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and it is within walking distance from taverns and accommodation of the homonymous settlement.

3. Azolimnos Beach


Azolimnos beach is the closest beach to Ermoupoli, 5 kilometers away from the capital.

Clean, blue waters and golded sand, umbrellas and sunbeds which are free to use, as well as dozens of tamarisks along the beach form the beautiful landscape for your relaxation.

4. Komitos Beach


At the southwesternmost point of Syros, next to Agkathopes, is Komitos, a quiet beach with fantastic sand, tamarisks and few straw umbrellas for shadow. Many choose Komitos for its beach bar which offers coffee and good music. The nearest options for food are in Poseidonia and Megas Gyalos.

In order to reach Komitos you must first go to Poseidonia and from there follow the signs or alternatively follow the footpath that connects Agkathopes to the beach. Opposite Komitos to the north is Schoinonisi, while from the beach you can also see the uninhabited islet Stroggylo.

5. Foinikas Beach

Παραλίες Σύρου

Located int he western part of the island, next to Posidonia, is the beach of Foinikas, protected for the northern winds it is a safe place for boats. The fully organized marina with all the necessary infrastructure is always full of all kinds of boats.

Foinikas beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds while tamarisk trees also offer some protection from the sun. Snorkeling enthusiasts will like it even more as the whole bay is an excellent fishing ground. Your visit will be complete when you eat in one of the tavernas, just by the sea.

6. Galissas Beach

Παραλίες Σύρου

The beach of Galissas is one of the largest of the island and it has golden sand, clear blue waters and tamarisk trees that offer protection from the sun.

On the top of the hill above the beach is the white catholic chapel of St. Pakous (St. Ypakoi) which has been built on the foundations of an ancient Greek temple.

Access is not so easy as there are a lot of steps but the views and especially the sunset will reward you!

7. Megas Gyalos Beach


Every year during August northeastern winds are blowing though the Aegean. Megas Gyalos is located in the southern part of Syros making it an ideal choice. Essentially there are two coasts, equally large and many smaller bays nearby ready for you to visit! There are tamarisk trees that offer protection from the scorching summer sun but the beach is also organized with umbrellas and sunbeds.

For those who want to combine their swim with a small walk there is the chapel of St. Antonios next to the beach and from there a footpath leads to the small bay of Ampelas and a small, quite, sandy beach.

8. Vari Beach


The beach of Vari is a sandy beach in front of the homonymous settlement which is located in the southern part of Syros, in the small bay with the shallow waters.

The beach attracts a lot of people, especially families, as it is ideal for spending the whole day there. It is an organized beach with umbrellas, sunbeds and infrastructure for water sports.

The settlement of Vari, which is located 8 kilometers south of Ermoupoli is a very good choice to visit as there are many restaurants and accommodation for all kinds of visitors.

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