Crete is famous for its natural beauty and especially in Chania, one can find everything: imposing gorges, lakes and rivers, caves and exotic beaches. Three of these beaches are unique landscapes not only for Greece, but also for the entire planet.

On Balos, Elafonisi and Falasarna you will not only enjoy the sun and the sea, but will also have the chance to visit unique sights of nature, real natural monuments that astonish the visitor.

Turquoise crystal water, fine sand in all the shades of white, beige and pink, rare fauna and flora … Details that make the visitors of Chania consider it obligatory to visit these places in every season and with every opportunity.



The imposing rock that emerges from the sea, a short distance from the coast, characterizes the landscape of Mpalos beach. The sandy coast extends all the way to the rock, creating small passages, “ponds”, as well as deeper points: there, the sea, aquamarine and clear, forms its own natural “artwork”.

Shades of pink from the countless shells, crystal clear water and an endless sandy shore… For the adventurous spirits who choose to visit Mpalos by land (and not by boat from Kissamos) are in turn rewarded for the dirt road and the half an hour walk with a breathtaking view of the natural monument from up high.



The exotic beauty of this unique peninsula is a combination of the sand dunes, the cedar trees, the white lilies, black rocks, rare species of animals and birds that inhabit the area, the blue sea and bright white sand. It is located 76 kilometers southwest of Chania and five kilometers south of the monastery Chrisoskalitissas in the southwestern part of Crete.

The blue sea covers the peninsula for the most part, creating a lagoon with shallow waters, while on the other side of the coast a whole island of sand is there for the ones who want to become one with nature. The area has been listed as a Natura protected area and it is strictly forbidden to cut any plants or to even take with you sand from the shore. In some places the sand color is not white but pink, from the millions of broken shells that you see there.

Historically Elafonisi coincides with Mousagores Islands of the ancient Greeks, and it was once used as a pirates’ base – which is where it took its name, which should be Lafonisi because here is where the pirates hid their spoils (lafira in Greek).



Blue waters in all the shades of blue and green, bright white, thick sand that stretches for hundreds of meters and is surrounded by a verdant, rugged landscape. At 59 kilometers west of Chania and 17 km west of Kissamos, a magical beach with exotic waters awaits its visitors.

It is no coincidence that Falasarna have been awarded in the past as the best beach in Crete and one of the ten best in Europe. Do not leave the beach before the majestic sunset in order to see the sun disappear into the sea…