Cyprus is inhabited for thousands of years and as an island with a lot of resources to trade it has a rich naval history. The waters around Cyprus have been crossed by thousands of ships as they travelled to Egypt, Middle East or the Mediterranean. This explains why there so many shipwrecks and diving spots around Cyprus.

Extreme weather conditions around the island caused many shipwrecks the previous centuries, large cargo ships or small fishing boats were sunk around Cyprus or at best they were immobilized on shoals or land.

Nowadays, coordinate efforts of the Cypriot authorities and the tourist sector, are taking advantage of the most breathtaking waters and excellent diving conditions, have “created” the shipwrecks and dive spots in Cyprus (artificial reefs) transforming the area into an underwater paradise, with thousands of visitors every year and throughout the year. Moreover Cyprus is amongst the top diving destinations of the world with about 50 diving centers around the island and the shipwreck Zinovia which is one of the top 5 popular diving centers globally, with more than 40000 visitors every year.

These artificial reefs in the sea floor which were created by ships that took along with them known and unknown stories, provide shelter to many species of fish such as bream, barracuda, tuna, grouper, eel, bream, cuttlefish, octopus and beautiful corals and they also provide space of eating, reproduction, development and growth in size and number of their population.

The shipwrecks and diving spots of Cyprus with excellent visibility that can reach the 50 meters are located in most provinces like Paphos province, Larnaca province and Famagusta province. Usually they are accessible by naval means from the beaches and in order to enjoy the beautiful seabed, certificate of Open Waters (OW) is required.

In Paphos province, which is home to the richest natural wealth of the island, off the shore of the homonymous city we find the diving spot Amphorae Caves which owes its name to the roof of one of the caves that looks like it is covered with amphorae and wells. The diving spot Amphitheatro is a very beautiful spot for diving enthusiasts in the Coral Bay while the diving spot Devil’s Head in Akamas cape is located at the homonymous beach off the northwestern shores of the province. The shipwreck Dimitrios II is a very important underwater attraction for the visitors of Chlorakas and the shipwreck Vera K near the port of Paphos a favorite among divers. The shipwreck White Star and the shipwreck EDRO II near the Sea caves Pegeia, between the Coral Bay and Agios Georgios Pegeias are some more impressive shipwrecks of the province.

In Limassol province there is the shipwreck Farses II and the shipwreck Lady Thetis on the seabed near the port entrance of the homonymous city while the shipwreck Three Stars in Akrotiri Limassol is considered to be one of the safest diving destinations. In the same region is the shipwreck MV ACHAIOS.

In Famagusta province the shipwreck Nemesis III is one of the most popular diving destinations in Paralimni, same with shipwreck Liberty which is 150 meters away, off the beach Vrysoudia. The whole area has a rich marine life while dolphins also like to visit it and play with the divers. The diving spot Xoklisi in Cape Cavo Greco owes its name to the nearby chapel and is ideal for underwater explorations as there are fossils and colored sponges on the rocks.

In Larnaca province there is the biggest shipwreck of the Mediterranean, the shipwreck Zenobia, off the coast of Larnaca and 2 miles away from McKenzie beach, promoting the whole region to a unique destination for sea lovers and diving enthusiasts of all levels. Amongst the cargo of the ship which is scattered on the sea bed there are 8 species of sponge of various sizes and colors, corals, anemones and more than 25 species of fish. The ‘Titanic of the Mediterranean’ as it is also called, got sunk during its first journey and it is easy to approach as it is only 10 minutes away by boat from the shore. The shipwreck Mazotou, another well-known shipwreck of the eastern Mediterranean, is about 2.5 kilometers off Mazotou and all the finds from the ship are displayed by the Antiquities Department in the Archaeological Museum of Larnaca.

Just 200 meters away from shipwreck Zenobia, there is the shipwreck Alexandra which is also a beautiful spot while the shipwreck HMS Cricket is an old British warship like the Helicopter wreck in Dekeleia which is an old British military helicopter. Besides these well-known wrecks there are many other interesting places to dive, like the diving spot Mavrospilios which is located in the eastern part of the coastline of Xylophagos, near the cape Pylas.

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