Born from the glorious past of the land of Mani, the Towers in Messinian (West) Mani are standing proud until today. The tall, rectangular buildings built from the traditional stone of the earth reflect the power and influence of the family that inhabited them.

Many of them today operate as museums, others have been renovated and operate as hostels and others have been deserted, but stubbornly standing up against time, weather and modern man many times. It is certain that anyone travelling in Mani of Messinia will encounter innumerable towers and observatories of all historical factions.

Tower of Kapetanakides


The Tower of Kapetanakides is located in the village Haravgi of Sotirianika. It belonged to the homonymous family from the ranks of which emerged great chieftains who distinguished themselves during the Revolution of 1821. It was probably built at the end of the 18th century, stretching over three floors with entrance to the east. The fortified enclosure has more than 100 embrasures. Today, the tower of the Kapetanakides is one of the most important sights in the area.


Tower of Patriearcheas


The Tower of Patriarcheas is a historic, preserved monument of West Mani. It is located in the village Prosilio and it is a narrow, tall, stone tower, while it is almost square. It was where the governor of the region lived according to the tradition of Mani.

Mourtzinou Tower


The Mourtzinou Tower is located in Palia Kardamily and it was owned by the last captain of Mani, while this family ruled the area of Androuvista for more than 200 years. Still preserved are the half-ruined arched gate, the smithery,  the olive-oil mill, the underground water tank, the house, the tower and the vegetable garden which fed the family, while near the entrance lies the family church, St. Spyridon. Today the Mourtzinou Tower hosts the Mourtinou Museum.

Koumoundourou Tower


The Koumoundourou Tower in Kampos of West Mani was the house of the Bey of Mani, Captain Koumoundourou. In the now ruined, two-storey tower  Alexandros Koumoundouros (1815-1883) was born, one of the most important politicians of modern Greece.

Ketsea Tower


The Ketsea Tower is located in Kato Dolous of West Mani. Nowadays only the base survives while the walls were made of stones and fragments of pottery. Inside the Ketsea Tower there is the church of St. Nicholas with a wooden roof and a three-sided arch and the frescoes are dated at the end of the 18th century.